Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tiger's Three Minutes Of Terror

Three Minutes of Terror, that's what the Border Mail is calling it. A 10 days ago a Tornado ripped through our property of Stoneleigh leaving uprooted trees everywhere and our garage was completely flattened.

We were all resting when suddenly we noticed that it was really windy outside. Princess called us to her room and we saw the tree with our property sign on it fall across our driveway so we couldn't get out. Mummy was calling for Daddy and Joybug was screaming. The tornado was only over us for a few minutes and then we went outside and we saw it over our neighbours property. We were all pretty frantic. Mummy started calling people whilst Daddy assessed the damage and I went to check on the sheep and see if we could get out the council gate.

During the storm I was pretty shocked but didn't have time to be scared. When we saw the storm over our neighbours property it was pretty distressing but I kinda coped with it. Now that we can see all the damage it all looks like a lot of work.

Over the next few days we were making headlines. We were on the front page of the Border Mail, in the News Weekly, on Win News, and Prime 7 News and even had a radio interview with ABC Victoria Statewide Drive, it was quite a hectic few days. After the insurance assessor came, workmen came to clear away the garage, trees on our home and metal lying around.

On Saturday we had a big working bee and in that one day we got the whole place cleaned up...well, sort of, all the branches and leaves were in burn piles, all the logs were chopped up for fire wood and any junk was put in pile that were to be taken away. During the working bee I worked with my cousin, he cut the wood with the chainsaw and I pulled the wood away and organised them into piles.

All in all it was hard work but in the end we survived.

By the Tiger.

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