Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Adventures of Princess

10 years ago in 2005 Christian and Sarah Joy fandrich had a baby girl with they named Princess Grace Fandrich. Princess had a older brother named Tiger. Tiger and Princess liked playing together. Christian was a Doctor. Sarah Joy used to be a teacher, but now she is a mum. 

When Princess was nearly one Christian decided to be a pastor. So they moved to Adelaide. Christian learned to be a pastor at Sem. They lived in one of the Sem houses. Princess liked playing with her friends at Sem. While they were still there Sarah Joy had 2 boys whose names were The Man and Tank. 

When Princess was 4, Tiger was 6, The Man was 2 and Tank was a baby, Christian finished studying and they moved to Toowoomba. There was their first church. They lived there for 5 years and while they were there they had two more babies whose names were Joybug and Skipper.

In 2014 they got there first call to Burrumbuttock, they moved that year. They bought their own property, it had 13 acres. Princess liked to see how different the place looked. 

Then in July on Saturday the 11th, at 3pm a tornado hit their place. The place was a mess!! The shed was destroyed and the tanks were ruined. On Tuesday the shed was taken apart and put in a pile. On Saturday they had a working bee come out. 

It was one of Princess' adventures.

Written By Princess
Mummy changed the names

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