Monday, July 20, 2015

Tank's Tornado Story

This is my uncle cutting up a log.
When the tornado hit I was awake, talking to Mummy on the bed. Then I heard a weird rumbling sound. I thought it was lightning and throwing cricket balls. The trampoline went flying like it was an aeroplane out of control.

The trees fell down like they were made in weird shapes and most of them were broken down. I was scared. I wasn't scared of the wind. I was scared of the big tree falling down on our house. I was thinking: "can people jump into a tornado and go up in the air?"
This our geese. The grey one died.

Since then, most of the time we have been working lots of days to clean up the mess. We've nearly done the whole mess. Most of the place looked like a big, big tornado came over. It was good that it wasn't a cyclone because they go slower.

It is good that people came to help us clean up the mess. Most of the people there had chainsaws. We had one and that one was enough to help. We liked the people that came over. One person brought 4 chainsaws. We like people helping us.

As told by Tank

This is my cousin. We found a lamb in the paddock
and we caught it.

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