About Us

My name is Sarah Joy. I'm married to my beloved: Christian, my best friend, my encourager and all round amazing bloke. We are disciples of Jesus Christ, endeavouring to live out our lives glorifying Him and enjoying Him.

Christian is both a General Practitioner and a Lutheran Pastor. This keeps him pretty busy and the flexibility of home education means we get more time together than if the children were in a conventional school.

I trained as a primary school teacher (four years at four different institutions!), and love being able to see that wonder and excitement of learning in our children. I love to make my garden grow, and provide my family with yummy, nutritious meals.

Together we have six gorgeous children: Tiger, Princess, The Man, Tank, Joybug and Skipper. Yes, these are their nicknames.

I educate our children at home, and wherever we are. We typically follow a Classical Education approach, but we are very eclectic and pick up what works. Together we love to make music, garden, dance, make things and explore the wonderful Australian bush.

Primarily, this blog is intended to show our journey through Home Education. But we also want to share how God is working in our lives, so that we can remember our God stories better.

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