Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Man's Tornado Experience

I was walking through the damage and I saw mama's
PJ's on the bush. It was very funny.
We were in the house having rest time. It was very, very windy. More windy than it normally is. The tornado took just a short time.

When we went outside and saw everything down I felt very sad and scared because we had just finished all our renovations and now we had more work to do. I was worried that the big tree in our back yard would fall on the house. I was frightened because we had never, ever seen a tornado in action.

This is outside our front gate after the working bee left.
I walked through the damage looking for my geese Martha and Marguerite. It took a long time to find them. Marguerite died in the storm and Martha died later, after the storm. The gander, Zachary, left Martha to find Marguerite once Martha died. It was very sad.

Two news paper reporters came and channel 7 and 9 news came to interview Mummy and Skipper.

People from church and friends came to help clean up a week later. They chainsawed lots of fallen down trees and cleaned everything up and started some fires to get rid of the excess wood.

As Told by The Man
This a photo of our backyard after the workmen left.

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  1. Wow - a tornado?! I'm sorry to read about your geese dying. On a brighter note, you're new home is breathtakingly beautiful! Thinking of you all. x