Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Princess Tornado Experience

I had been reading a book on my bed when I decided to go and look out the window to see how bad the storm was. I saw the archway fall down and so I called the kids into my room and we saw a tank land on the verandah and a 100 year old tree with our property sign on it fall down.

It was very quick. It only lasted two minutes or so on our property. It wasn't scary at the time. But when we went outside we could see the tornado over our neighbours place. That was a bit scary. The main scary bit about it was that our place was really messy and we lost two geese.

But it had it's funny side on some things. When the car window got pushed in and the light sucked out Mummy's PJ's which were still in the back were sucked out and thrown onto a bush. One of the 20 000 litre tanks got smashed up and disappeared!

The garage was ruined. It had all our unpacked things in it. The silo collided with one of the tanks in the middle of the house yard at a tree where you drive your car around. We lost a whole heap of trees and our big pepper tree in the front yard became a weird sculpture. Our trampoline got smashed up after it went cartwheeling across the yard.

Since then we had a working bee and got the place really tidy and cleaned up. We are really grateful for that.

 Written by Princess

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