Friday, April 17, 2015

Big Boys Camp: Germany: Day 7

Opa has three brothers and two sisters like me. L to R: Tanta Wanda,
Onkel Bernhard, Tanta Gertrude, Tanta Dorit,
This is as far north in Germany as we got.
Touching the Baltic Sea.
Kröpelin to Aglasterhausen

In the morning we went for a walk and saw where Opa once lived, at the end of World War 2 as a refugee with his family.  It is a large mansion, called Schloss Wichmannsdorf.

We then went to the nearby town Bad Doberan and had a look in the "Muenster" or cathedral. When we came back Onkel Helmut, Onkel Bernhard, Onkel Alfred, Tanta Geutrude, and Tanta Dorit were there for lunch.

One thing that the Fandrich men have in common is that all of them have big heads, big noses, deep voices, and give gifts. They give lots of chocolate, and some of them love mineral water.

After lunch we went for a brief visit to Kuhlungsborn, a seaside holiday town, on the Baltic Sea.  Across the sea is Denmark, where they make lego, and that is where lego land is (not the California one ).

We then started driving to Aglasterhausen and went to one of the fancy petrol station toilets.

We also saw some army vehicles as well as an army tank on the road. We saw lots of police and Daddy told me that there was a lot of police because that the 7 world leaders were meeting in Lübeck and I told him that they might be the group that has the keys to reboot the Internet in case of an cyber attack. The traffic was horrible and it heavily delayed us.

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