Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Big Boys Camp: Germany: Day 4

Aglasterhausen to Eisenach

Today we got up and called Mummy on the iPad, then we got on the train to go to Frankfurt for church and then on to Eisenach. Uncle Rolf stayed behind to look after Oma. 

At the church (Three Kings Church) there was a baptism, and so the pastor preached two sermons!  When we had communion we all gathered around the altar and had communion.  Then we held hands for the dismissal. 

Then we picked up the car at the airport. We made it to Eisenach and went to the toilet at a petrol station. Why are we mentioning the toilets? Because when I (Tiger) went into the toilets (after paying) I saw that the toilets had touch sensor flushers and after you flushed the toilet a machine came out of the wall and cleaned the toilet bowl. 

We went to the Bachhaus Museum and saw many amazing things and they had bowl chairs hanging from the roof that had headphones to listen to Bach's music.  While we were there the guides on our tour played musical instruments that Bach would have played. One of the instruments that they had there was really quiet and could be played at night without waking the family. 

We took the scenic route to the hotel and when we got there we discovered that we had somehow picked the wrong dates for the hotel, if we had followed the dates that we had accidentally chosen we would have been in Germany after Skipper's first birthday! We fixed up the dates and had dinner in Eisenach.

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