Friday, April 10, 2015

Big Boys Camp: Germany: Day 2

The Big Barrel
The inner court of Heidleberg Castle.

Today we got up and visited Oma and then went to visit the Heidelberg Castle. We also went to Heidelburg Holy Spirit Church and climbed the tower there.

The castle was amazing and it was Gigantic. We saw the biggest ever filled wine barrel in the world! It held 227,000 litres of wine. It was created by Prince Elector Karl Theadore.
At the of Heidelburg Kirche Turm (Church tower)

The guard of the monstrosity of a barrel drank so much wine that when someone gave him a glass of water he dropped dead! Why? I hear you ask? Because he had never had water in his entire life and in those days the water was polluted with chemicals.

We visited Oma again, did some shopping and went back to Aglasterhausen.

Written by Tiger and Daddy Fandrich.

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