Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Boys Camp: Germany: Day 10

Aglasterhausen and Sinsheim 

Today we took Oma to the market in Mosbach. Then we went to a medieval fair at a castle in Sinsheim and watched a mock fight. During the fight some of the people wielded fire balls one chains. Grandfather would have loved it.

While we were there Tiger bought a horn (trumpet) made out of cow's horn.  Lots of people turned up in medival costume.

We also went to the Sinsheim Tecnic Mueseum and it was amazing! We saw (and went in) lots of  planes including one of the Concordes of Air France and a Russian copy.  There were lots and lots of cars, tanks, and displays.

We also watched an IMAX film about life in the ocean. Tiger also went on a water ride that pulled a boat up a hill and then let it go into the water and also a ride the went round and round and turned over.

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