Friday, April 17, 2015

Big Boys Camp: Germany: Day 5

Eisenach to Wittenburg

Today we had breakfast at the hotel bar and then visited the Wartburg, founded by Ludwig the Leaper in the early 1100s.  At the Wartburg we took a tour of the inside of the palace, which was amazing! One of the rooms was totally covered with mosaics! We also got to see Luther's room "Luther stube".  

The Wartburg is famous for more reasons than just Luther and his stay there for 10 months in 1521.  It was the home for St Elisabeth whose husband died on the way to the crusades, and was known for her acts of mercy and service to the sick and the poor.  She established a few hospitals.  She was declared a saint by the church only a few years after her death.  

We then started driving to Wittenburg. We took the scenic route and finally found the Highway. 

Our new car is amazing! It is a BMW, and it has a button to turn on the engine! On German roads you can go as fast as you want unless there are signs saying otherwise.  We arrived safely in Wittenburg and had a look at the church where Luther preached at when he was in Wittenburg. Then we went to our hotel (the Luther hotel) had dinner (bread and slices of meat from lunch) and went for a walk through the town centre.

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