Sunday, June 16, 2013

Who's In Charge?

Tonight we went to the Boys Brigade parade, which is basically an evening service.

The pastor who gave the sermon showed a picture on the screen of a dog about to catch a ball, and asked the question:

"Who's in charge?"

One of the other kids said: "God is!"

To which the pastor replied: "Well, we'll always take that as an answer!" ''

The pastor then showed picture of a horse and rider. "Who's in charge?"
Joybug trusts Daddy on the trusty LCA office wall.

"The rider" (hopefully)

A fighter jet, "Who's in Charge?"

"The pilot"

Then finally he showed a picture of our world from outer space. Again he asked the question:

"Who's in charge?"

Before anyone else could answer Joybug, only just 2, yelled out:


I love the faith of our children. They have so much to teach us!

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