Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Joybug!

Joybug with her mechanical ladybug.
Joybug had a fall today. Tiger brought her inside, and as she was bleeding in her mouth we assumed that was the sum of the damage. Cold washer applied, but not ice pack as they have all disappeared at present.

She cried way past normal for this sort of injury (normal being just a minute or two past the application of cold washer and icepack). But after half an hour of whimpering and crying she fell asleep. It was after all sleep time, but she didn't want lunch.

She woke up at 3pm and she was not a joyful Joybug. Finally I noticed that she was crying in pain when I touched her left arm. We woke up Daddy, and he looked and looked. Eventually, we decided that an x-ray was required for proper diagnosis, but it was now 3:40pm.

So what do you do to avoid a 5 hour wait in emergency? You call the surgery. Yeah, okay, so it just happens to be Christian's other work, but he didn't pull rank to get an appointment. He got the appointment at 4:40pm. So Christian took her for x-rays before this appointment, whilst I took off for another appointment with the three oldest children.
Two birthdays three days apart.

Diagnosis: Greenstick fracture of clavicle, otherwise known as broken collarbone.

Treatment: Do nothing...but no climbing or falling, and we need to be careful when picking her up, and some pain relief at night as required. God is good...it's only a broken bone!

So as of today, the only person in the family who has avoided x-rays is Princess! God is good, she is so healthy! The two people in the family without a known broken bone: Christian and Princess!

And as of today we have four broken bones for children 2 and under! Tank's teeth story can be read here, and we will post the other broken bones soon.

Look at that floor! Photo by near 4yo Tank (as a guess)
So yesterday was Joybug's birthday. Happy Birthday Joybug!

On her second birthday I was super sick. I had only managed 2 hours sleep the night before, and the children had slept perfectly! So I didn't feel very much like celebrating anything, and intended a day with the children on the couch. My Beloved Christian, who was still recovering from feeling crook on Sunday, stayed at home from GP work to ensure I stayed in bed. So blessed with such a wonderful husband. Even more special, he cleaned up the house to perfection! So glad a photo was taken to show the proof!


  1. Oh no. Poor duffer. I did that when I was 4 and about to start prep. I had to keep my arm in a sling to stop me from waving it about. AND - it was my right collar bone so as everyone was learning to write naturally I had to teach myself to write left-handed even though I'd learnt a few words right handed. back to being a righty now! Hope she heals quickly and is back to her joyful self soon.

    1. She slept well last night, and that was my biggest concern. Nothing like a sore shoulder or arm to wake you up each time you roll over. Obviously the pain relief helped, although, I think the trauma of yesterday really took it out of her because she fell asleep on the couch today. She has had a wonderful day playing with Tiger, who was her special carer for today (to ensure she didn't climb). Truly, Mummy's can't be watching everything! Funny how we remember those childhood breaks. I remember mine too, right hand. But I was in fourth grade, and starting a new school. Good to know it didn't scar you forever :)