Thursday, June 13, 2013

Crosscountry 2013

Today we went to Brisbane to do crosscountry with our school. There were lots of other people there. The races had names. The first one was called "Emus", and the second one was called "Kangaroos" and the third one was called "Kookaburras".

I was in the Emu's race. The race was for Preps and year 1. It was 800 metres. Tank was with me too, and he got a ribbon. The others got really muddy because they had to go through puddles, and crawl in one.

I won a bronze medal because I came third. I was so fast.

Told by The Man

Mummy's Note: We are enrolled to Homeschool through Faith Christian School of Distance Education. This means that I don't have the responsibility for reporting to the Queensland Home Education Unit, and it also means that I have a wonderful teacher come to our home once a term to encourage me and our children in our homeschooling journey (and keep us accountable).

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