Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beautiful Veins...

I don't remember many pick up lines...who would? They tend to be a bit corny! But the one was memorable!

Christian pursued me...relentlessly. I was not dreadfully keen to marry a doctor, and therefore not keen to go out with one. However, working in Christian's favour was my difficulty to say no and "hurt" his feelings. I just couldn't "make up" an excuse to not spend time with him, other than my lack of desire to marry a doctor. Otherwise he had great credentials: devoted to Jesus, studying theology in his "spare time", dedicated student, hardworking, great pianist and a voice that finally did the liturgy justice (I couldn't stop giggling the first time I heard him sing it!). He also plays the organ...which would be a negative considering I haven't liked the organ since I was a baby (would cry whenever I heard the organ play!).

I remember on one of our first dates Christian took my hand and said:

"You've got beautiful veins."

This was said with real sincerity, and meaning. So much so that I would look at my hands for weeks after, shake my head and smile..."beautiful veins".

What a line! Quite possibly my thinking about him changed there.

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