Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tiger's Adventures 0f 2013

Shipwreck on the Sunshine Coast
Every year since I was eight, I've gone on a camp with my Dad, just the two of us. When we go on the camp Daddy talks to me about growing up to be a man and living in the Faith.

The first time we tried this year was in January when it was flooding. We got as far as Gatton, but the flood waters were over the road so we couldn't go any further, and we had to go home.

Carnival of Flowers parade in the Boys Brigade float.
The next time we tried, in June, we went to the Sunshine Coast and stayed in a tent. We had fish and chips for dinner and went to sleep. When we woke up it was midnight and I had started to throw up. We washed everything and by morning Daddy was sick and it was bucketing rain, so we stayed in a cabin all that day. We didn't eat much and we watched movies. We went to the beach the next day and then went home.

In November we went to Geebung Flat and stayed there for three days. While we were there we found three sheep, we also pulled a dead kangaroo from the dam. Then we went on to Sydney where we went to my uncle's wedding. On our way back home we went back to Geebung Flat and found 13 sheep!
Photo by Kirsty Humphrey

I'm doing very well in my school work and now doing grade 5 work. My favourite parts about school has been: history, sport and technology. In history this year we've been doing the medieval times. So far that has been my favourite era in history because I learnt about the English kings and queens and my ancestors on Mummy's side (William the Conquerer, and the guy who got Queen Elizabeth to sign Mary Queen of Scots' death warrant). In sport I enjoy riding my bike and swimming. Technology for me is all about building and computers. The main thing I build with is Lego and I'm part of the Lego club. On the computer I like to go onto Splash Education, which is an ABC website.

Written by Tiger

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