Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mama's News

Photo by Kirsty Humphrey
This year, as a family, we have been to Inverell (NSW), Adelaide, Church Family camp, 1770, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and finally Inverell, then Sydney. Christian has also travelled to Adelaide by himself twice! It's been a year full of travelling!!

We started the year with our friend Anna still working with our family, but she has since moved to Cambodia to care for missionary kids there. After a long time by ourselves we decided to employ another carer a few days a week, and the kids have all enjoyed the company of Rachel.
Three Beautiful girls together...
Photo by Kirsty Humphrey

Our little school has grown a bit this year, with Thomas beginning to do school work. We have all thoroughly enjoyed The Story Of The World: Middle Ages. History really comes alive in our house, with plays, toys retelling the story, food and working out where we fit in the story. We bought a microscope to encourage us in scientific endeavours, and there has been no end to the things the kids want to look at (and be grossed out by). We love working through the books in the Sonlight Curriculum, which as usual has caused the buying of more books. As we read through "Little House In The Big Wood" the kids were so enthralled they insisted we get the rest of the "Little House" series, which are full of old time stories and ways of doing things.

This year, since the wonderful gift of a sewing machine from Christian, I have been sewing regularly.
Photo by Kirsty Humphrey
I continue to enjoy my garden. Currently I am watching my pomegranate tree as it is producing it's first fruits. Our veggie patch continues to produce well, and we look to be kept with fresh beans, lettuce, spring onions, beetroot and tomatoes over the summer period. We are also hopeful of a harvest of zucchini and cucumber after a bad year last year that saw only two zucchini produced!

I've really been encouraged spiritually by listening to Mark Driscoll sermons. I love his down to earth way of putting things. We've listened to his sermons on Marriage, Ephesians, Acts and also the Ten Commandments. Together, Christian and I have been reading Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldridge. We have both found him to be very encouraging.

We have enjoyed watching the house that Mum and Dad are building called Geebung Flat, down near Inverell. During our last visit the kitchen benches went in and we can't wait to have electricity throughout the house. We are also looking forward to my folks moving from Wagga Wagga to Inverell, where hopefully we will see them more often in the New Year.

We would like to add our thanks to our wonderful photographer Kirsty. For three years she has taken our family photos, she even came to Joybug's baptisms and took photos unannounced. We love her work. She may not yet be a professional, but her ability to get some great shots of our kids is our delight! Thank you SO much!

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