Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Joybug's Amazing 2013

Photo by Kirsty Humphrey
She's now 2 and a half...and such a talkative delight!

This year Joybug proved to me that some children really do just potty train themselves! What's more, she's even dry right through the night!

She delights us with her cheeky grins, her imaginary play and her "naughty" laugh. Joybug loves to crawl about the house playing doggy with Tiger or any of the others. She loves playing dress ups, and often, when she's really quiet, I find her in the room she shares with Princess playing with Sylvanians and making up incredible stories.

Joybug loves to sing. Whenever there is music on she is singing. She loves the new liturgical setting, and has many other favourite songs. It is such a delight to hear her singing along!
Under the Lutherans For Life table at General Synod in
Adelaide, playing with the life model of babies in the womb.
Dressed up and ready to go!

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