Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Princess Adventures for 2013

At our Physie competition.
Piano is my favourite subject in school. I am learning lots of songs and now I'm learning hard pieces that my teacher gives me. She gave me "Silent Night" to learn. I've really improved my piano over the last year.

I really like Physie. It's a dance sport that's a mix of ballet and gymnastics. I can't wait till the Christmas concert. I do it in a team. My team is red and this year we came 5th in the Queensland competition. I'm looking forward to next year doing Physie and I'm going to be in teams again.

The Rundle Mall balls in Adelaide.
This year we've gone on lots of bike rides and I enjoy them. We also have picnics sometimes when we go on bike rides. We once went to a park and played there and there was a long slide that we played on up and down. Another time we rode down to a different park that had a rolling walker and monkey bars and a slide.

We went to Adelaide for General Synod. I really liked going to the beach and seeing my godsisters. We also saw Opa, and went to his place and climbed the big tree in his backyard and had dinner there. We spent time with the Huckels too.

Photo by Kirsty Humphrey
In November we went to the farm (Geebung Flat) and spent a few days there. The boys pulled a dead kangaroo out of the dam, it was gross and stunk terribly. We went to Copeton Dam, which is three times bigger than Sydney Harbour. After that we went to Sydney and on Saturday we went to Uncle Simon and Aunty Kim's wedding. I enjoyed getting to see my cousins. On the day the after the wedding (Sunday), we walked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we got lunch and we saw the Opera House, though we didn't go inside it. We went to the Sydney Botanic Gardens, near Lady Macquarie's Chair and had our lunch. After lunch we had a little church service and then said goodbye and went on our way home.

Written by Princess

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