Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Busy Takes On New Meaning

Electrician, landscaper, and builder...on the day the Boarder
Mail arrived to take photos
Lent...the 40 days before Easter (not including Sundays) where as Christians we focus our thinking on repentance. For a pastor's family, Lent rivals Advent (the 4 Sundays before Christmas Day) for the busiest time of the year.

This is normal for us. So generally during Lent (and Advent) I try to keep things as simple as possible in the home. We reduce our extracurricular activities to the absolute minimum so that we can allow for the extra events that happen in this time.

Somehow I forgot about all that this year. So how has Lent been busy for us? Let's see:

  • I finalised our registration for homeschooling in NSW (currently considered the most difficult state in Australia to register...although I would dispute just how difficult it is)
  • Our landscaping started at the beginning of Lent...and took all four weeks to finish. Dust...
  • The builder came to fix the termite damage...MORE dust.
    • On the day our landscaping and building began the kids and I took part in an interview for our local paper about homeschooling (flick through the photos, there's some great ones of the kids).
    The Man enjoyed taking photos of the photographer who
    came from the Boarder Mail.
    • The electrician came to make safe and fix up some electrical issues in the house.
    • My laundry was built  (I think this was my favourite thing!)
    • We laid out 100m2 of turf.
    • For three weeks our phone and internet weren't working. It's only just now back to normal. 
    And at the beginning of Lent we discovered that Christian's mother is very unwell in Germany. So we have been praying and planning about his travelling to Germany to help assess her care. Tiger is going to accompany him, which is both exciting and nerve wracking. We look forward to reading Tiger's blog posts whilst he is away.

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