Sunday, March 8, 2015

Best Concert Ever!

We love Colin Buchanan's music!
The Man and Tank on stage.

It started for me years ago (1999) when I saw Colin play on the Today Show for his "Edge of The Kimberley" Album when he won the Golden Guitar (Australia's top country music award). Brilliant music...and very Australian.

Tiger and Princess helping out for The Mummy Song.
Then I saw his kids music at Koorong. I started using his music in my teaching at school.

So my kids have been brought up on Colin. I've bought pretty much every album. I love his country stuff and his kids praise stuff, and his adult christian music is fantastic too. His christian music is not just fluff, and it's all great theology...more than that it's deep theology. My kids are singing stuff that in years to come when it comes to their mind (or to mine) they will continue to have "Aha" moments.

We've been to two concerts indoors...they were great.

Joybug thought he was just great!
But this concert was outdoors. Colin was on the back of a semi trailer, the kids had plenty of grass to dance around on and more than that our church was organising it. So...PK perks (PK is short for Pastor's Kid)!!! All of our kids (except Joybug and Skipper) got up on stage to help at different parts of the concert. And Daddy got up at the end to do a quick thank you and to wind up the concert (Colin said he did a great job tying it in and keeping it short).

We all lined up and got Colin to sign our CD's, and Tiger had his cap signed. And of course there were photos. We had so much fun!!

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