Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Once upon a time there were five children called Enoch The Explorer, Abigail The Princess, 
Andreas The Adventurer, Thomas The Trekker, and Sophia The Sophisticated. One day Andreas went to the toilet, and then the other children heard a scream,

“AAAAGGGGRRRRHHHH’’ said Andreas. 

When the other children came there was no toilet! All there was, was a big hole. 

“Oh no! Someone must have stolen the toilet’’ said Andreas The Adventurer. “Now how will we go to the toilet?” 

So they talked about it over the table. 

“Can we please get a new toilet soon?” Andreas said “Because I really need to go to the toilet!’’ 

“You can go to the neighbours toilet for now,’’ Sophia The Sophisticated said.

“That’s a good idea!” said Andreas and he went to their neighbours toilet.

Meanwhile the other children thought, then Sophia said “Why don’t we look for clues in the toilet’’

“Yes’‘ said Enoch. So they went to the toilet. 

When they got there, they looked for clues. Then Sophia found some foot prints and Abigail found a rose petal. 

“We have got two clues!’’ said Sophia.

“The person who stole our toilet has a limp and is left handed.” Thomas The Trekker said.

“Wow’’ said Andreas “ I didn’t know you knew that’’. 

So the children decided to call Inspector Burger. When Inspector Burger came Enoch took him to their toilet. 

“Do you have any clues?’’ 

“Yes” said Enoch “We have a foot print and a flower petal.”

“Hmmm” said Inspector Burger “Do you know anybody who has a limp?” 

“No” said the children. 

“Well do you know anybody who has a rose garden?” 

“Yes’’ said Enoch “Mrs Flippenshlupker”. So they went to Mrs Flippenshlupker’s house. 

When they got there they saw all her beautiful rose garden. She had pink, and purple and every color you could think of. When they were in her house Inspector Burger said “Would you mind if I went to your toilet?” 

“Not at all” said Mrs Flippenshlupker “It’s down the hall”. 

When Inspector Burger came back he said “Um, you don’t have a toilet just a big hole’’. 

When the others came in there was just a big hole.

So as they wondered over the toilet, Inspector Burger said “I think I can see something shiny and silver down there, would you go down there Thomas?”, 

“Why of course” said Thomas. So Thomas took his pants off and his shirt so he only had his undies on and he swam down to get the shiny, silver thing. When he came up he was soaked from head to foot, but he had the shiny, silver thing. It was a silver necklace, and it had the initials P.K. 

“Well now we know the initials of the thief who stole the toilets” said Inspector Burger “Well it’s lunch time, so why don’t we go to a restaurant?”

So when they got there, and ordered there meals Sophia said “Look, at the waiter, he has a limp and is holding the tray with his left hand. He might be the thief.” 

“Yes he might be the thief. But anyway let us go home.” 

“Oh!” said Enoch “I need to go to the toilet.” But when Enoch came back he said “There is no toilet.” 

When the others came, there was no toilet, and the sink was missing! So Enoch went to the girls toilet. When he came back Inspector Burger said 

“Well this is much harder than the mystery of the five missing poodles and the four missing cats. This is certainly a job for two inspectors we must call in Chief Inspector Mafxwefllf Pimplenose.” 

So when Inspector Pimplenose got there he said “Who is the suspect?” 

“It is that waiter over there,” said Enoch. 

“Well, Let us go look in his locker.” 

So the manager opened the his locker and there was a pink pig in a basket and on it was the words “Percy Knickerbocker”. 

“Who is Percy?” said Inspector Pimplenose.

“He is our waiter,” said the manger. “Percy come here!” But Percy was running away. So Andreas ran after him and his smellys propelled him forward , and he caught Percy. 

When Percy was being questioned he said 

“I’m a hobbit and need three toilets to do my early morning poo, my late morning poo, and my midday poo. But I am so sorry.” 

And every one laughed.

Told by Christian, written by Tiger.  


  1. A very odd story and stolen toilets... I want to know what sped the Man on to catch the theif? Methane?

  2. Must have been methane. But I don't know, Daddy just said smellys. Glad you enjoyed our story.