Tuesday, August 29, 2017

KBC NEWS Update August


WEATHER: Hurricane Harvey has ripped through the Gulf Coast damaging many towns and cities including Houston. The emergency services are having a hard time of it with thousands of emergency calls.

The Kidonian Department of Emergency is planning to build a new storm shelter on the edge of Pepperton which will serve as a place of refuge during storms and tornados.

SPORT: The KBC will be uploading the footage of the KFL Grand Final, held at midday 30th of August.  The competitors were be the Kidonian Rams vs Pepperton Roosters as they chased their chance of Grand Final glory.

ARMED FORCES: Tensions are rising between North Korea and America, China and Japan after North Korea launched a ballistic missile that flew over Japan split into three pieces and landed in the Pacific Ocean over 1,000 kilometres off the Japanese coast. This comes a after North Korea's nuclear missile threats on the Pacific island of Guam on which is an American Army base.

Written by Enoch Fandrich, Executive Editor KBC

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