Monday, December 26, 2016

Princess' 2016

This year has flown by very fast. We have done lots this year!

This year we built the cottage and finished it. It was really cool seeing the progress on the cottage.

We did translating with Hanna Schultz. Of course it was only short sentences. We had lots and lots of fun translating the sentences. Hanna is translating the Bible for people in Papua New Guinea. You can read her blog here.

We also went to the Blue Mountains. We had lots of fun meeting Tante Waltraud (Aunty Waltraud) and going to a museum with her. We also went on a wild goose chase with Grandfather, Uncle Danny and Aunty Annette. The wild goose chase was looking for Alastor. Alastor is a hidden family place where my Great Grandfather came to know Jesus. It has a fireplace and a throne and a name tree. I call it a wild goose chase because we went the wrong direction bush bashing for three hours! We also went to the Jenolan caves and they were very beautiful.

This year we have made many trips to Canberra. We went to the Tom Roberts exhibition and Old Parliament house. We also went to the New Parliament House and Questacon. Questacon was AWESOME! It had a drop slide and taught you about lots of things to do with science. We also went to The Mint. The Mint was really cool with a staircase of coins and lots of interesting facts about coins and the making of them.

Rosebud was born in November this year. She was jaundice so she had to stay in hospital a little while.

This Christmas Mama's family have come down to visit. We have having sleepovers and lots of activities run by Uncle Simon.

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