Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tank's 2014

I liked going to the museum of army stuff. I liked looking in the surgery. It was fun to look around in it.

This year we met Sir Tony Robinson. He works with archeologists. I like to watch his show "Time Team". He came to Toowoomba to make a show.

Our baby was born in April and he's so cute because he laughs a lot. I like Skipper because he's very beautiful. When we were in Toowoomba he could not sit up, but now he can. He can crawl.

 I miss Toowoomba. I liked the house we used to live in, but now we don't. It had very good hide and seek places.

Burrumbuttock is a very good place. I like our animals. We have a horse, two ducks, seven chooks, three guinea fowl and 20 sheep. And we even have wild duck in the dam.

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