Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nativity 2014

Joybug with the sleeping Baby Jesus (Skipper)
Every other year since Tiger was born, we have had a baby to put in the manger at Christmas.

This year was Skipper's turn.

Today the children took part in the Christmas play at Holy Cross Lutheran church in Burrumbuttock. Tiger and Princess read parts for puppets, Tank played a wonderful shepherd, The Man was an amazing wise man and Joybug chose to be the star.

Surrounded by adoring children...and crowns cast down...
quite theologically appropriate!
But the highlight for everyone was baby Jesus, who was played by our Skipper. He had a trial run on Friday during the rehearsal and since he was so still and quiet then (he was in wonderment at the puppets above him) he was allowed to try it during church.

It was sleep time, so a gentle wrap and a dummy was all that was needed. He was surrounded by the little children taking his hand and all obviously in love with him...and so he fell fast asleep.

The adults were more than just a bit impressed. His timing...impeccable.

Afterwards Tiger and Princess put on some dress ups
for a family nativity scene
Christian spoke only a short message, but an important one: We have all been invited to God's party, we all have been given a gift.
Our children, like all the children we know, are in love with
 babies...particularly this one.

Jesus is the gift.

Given FOR YOU.

Not to those people over there, for YOU.

To paraphrase Martin Luther's words: It doesn't matter if Jesus came into the world if he didn't come for you.

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