Saturday, June 21, 2014

Creepy Crawlies at Ravensbourne

We went out for lunch today because it was Tank's birthday yesterday. We then decided to go bushwalking at Ravensbourne National Park. Mummy warned us that we needed to watch for leaches and ticks.

We had fun walking until Joybug found a leach on her and from then on everyone was worried that they had leaches or ticks on them. When we got back to the car park Mummy checked us for tick and leaches, two on Tiger, two on Joybug, one on Princess and one on The Man. Mummy was surprised that Tank managed to get nothing.

When we got home, after baths and during devotions Tank started to itch. Mummy found a tiny tick on Tank. It was no bigger than a pin head and Daddy got out our digital microscope to take pictures. Tank was really brave and enjoyed having a good look before we got the tweezers and pulled it out. It was still alive crawling about on some paper, so Daddy killed it and we made sure that it was dead.  

By Tiger

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