Monday, August 5, 2013

Going South Before Heading North

This year we plan to holiday somewhere where we can go out and experience the Great Barrier Reef.

We left on our family holiday for this year on Tuesday, last week, and headed south. If you know your Australian geography, south is not the smartest route or even the scenic route to get to the Great Barrier Reef from Toowoomba. We should've headed North East. But we went to visit with my folks at their farm/building site outside Inverell, New South Wales.

The kids had great fun. Fires, fires and more fires! It's burn off season, and at one stage we worked out we had six fires going (including the one in the house and the one in the shed). Tank said he wanted to stay and have his holiday where he could light fires. He loves Granny and Grandfather's farm and is constantly enquiring after it (begging to go back). I offered to leave him with Granny and Grandfather if he wanted and he instantly said he wanted to stay with Mummy and Daddy (we love our Tank).

It was lovely to start heading North, we were hoping to finally get some warmer nights (freezing at the farm). But we didn't get very far, and we stopped back at home to get some of the things that we really needed, but mostly because the washing load just got too much. It was good for us though, as Christian got the chance to do some much needed maintenance on the camper.

So far we have camped at Inverell (Geebung Flat), Ashford NSW, Hervey Bay QLD, and we are stopped in 1770, QLD. We hope to visit Gladstone QLD, and that will be the highest we get, but we intend to make that a day trip.

Oh, and we have a "new" car...we call it "Chugga" (I think that's a reference to the children's programme "Chuggington" on ABC). Unlike the Kia we used to have (really you can't compare a Merc to a Kia!) this one can tow without missing a beat. The Mercedes Vito is an excellent family vehicle, really does tow what it says it does (the Kia struggled), has plenty of space and it was cheaper to buy second hand than a Tarago or VW Caravelle of similar kilometres. And the best feature? It has vinyl floors, so easy clean up, really easy clean up.

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