Thursday, May 23, 2013

How To Make A Hot Water Bottle Cover

You need to have a hot water bottle cover on your hot water bottle so you don't get too hot and burn yourself.

1. Make a pattern. Mum did this using the hot water bottle and a sheet of newspaper. She drew around the outside about two centimetres away from the edge of the hot water bottle.

2. Cut out your pieces of fabric. We used thick, furry fabric with a leopard print, it's really snuggly.

3. Thread your sewing machine with the appropriate colour of thread.

4. Start with the two larger pieces of cover that were cut in half (They are the two parts on the right of the top photo). Fold over a centimetre of fabric on the straight line and sew. This is a hem.

5. Pin the right sides of the fabric together, so that it looks like your size of water bottle. The right sides are the sides with the strong colours. The two hemmed bits will overlap each other like a pillow case.

6. Sew around outside of the whole thing leaving a bit of fabric on the side of your sewing foot. That's called a seam allowance.

7. Cut off all loose threads, then turn the right sides out.

8. Put your hot water bottle inside it. Fill up the hot water bottle in winter for a nice, warm, snuggly sleep.

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